our origin

Once upon a time, a young nonbinary kiddo named Cara had a dream. That dream? To make scents they could wear without fear of kicking off an allergy attack. But alas, young Cara didn’t think regular everyday people could do that – you had to be a fancy perfume professional!

Except – apparently, that’s not true!

Cara discovered a whole world of indie cosmetics and perfumeries run by average everyday people, not huge corporations, and it got their wheels turning. They could do this! And they DID do this!

Ten Three Labs began in October 2014 with a collection of eyeshadows and lip products. It has since expanded into perfume oils, room sprays, candles, and other home goods.

our mission

Ten Three Labs strives to provide fun and functional cosmetics, scents, and home goods for the strange and unusual among us. We want to uplift and enable people from all walks of life to embrace their weirdness and just have fun with it. As a Black owned, queer owned company, we respect everyone’s right to be who they are, however they are.

our products

Products created by Ten Three Labs use ingredients that have not been tested on animals. We strive to use only vegan ingredients; however, if an item is NOT vegan, it will be clearly marked. Potential allergens are also marked.

contact us

PO BOX 1311
Blue Springs MO 64013