phantasmagoria: 7


phantasmagoria: 7


Cosmetics inspired by music inspired by psychology.

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Humans have been obsessed with the unusual, the abnormal, the macabre, since as long as humans have existed. In the late 19th century, this obsession manifested in the form of phantasmagoria: a type of horror theatre in which attendees experienced projections of ghosts, demons, and other spooky creatures to scratch that macabre-loving itch. These theatres became hugely popular, to the point that the word ‘phantasmagoria’ itself has become shorthand in the international zeitgeist for things filled with whimsy or fantastical elements.

Here at the lab, we love all things strange and unusual. That’s why we offer the Phantasmagoria Box: a quarterly box of goodies inspired by and paying homage to the weird and the wonderful, anything that strikes our fancy as interesting enough to build a collection around.

Phantasmagoria: 7 combines a love of music with a love of the human mind. Inspired by music inspired by Carl Jung’s Map of the Soul, this collection seeks to reflect our inner workings as humans – good, bad, and ugly.

This collection is available in two sizes:

Full Size Products (a $53 value)

  • 2 x lip color products
  • 2 x salve sticks (lip balm)
  • 2 x full-size perfume oils
  • 3 x loose eyeshadows

Sample Size Products (a $27.50 value)

  • 2 x lip color product samples
  • 2 x salve stick (lip balm)
  • 2 x full-size perfume oil samples
  • 3 x loose eyeshadow samples

Prices listed for the collections include shipping. Phantasmagoria: 7 will ship beginning Wednesday, March 14th. Orders will close Wednesday, March 7th.

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